Welcome to Thailand Part 3 – Kanchanaburi

The writer in me wants to describe my time in Kanchanaburi with poetic brilliance, make it a lengthy, meandering Samba of words and metaphors. Honestly, though, I’m not a good enough writer to make that work, so I’ll make this as simple as I can and hope the pictures/videos do the trick.

On the four hour ride to Kanchanaburi, I sat on the lower level of our two-story bus wherein there was a prom-limo-esque lounge. The ensuing shenanigans were hilarious and memorable. Thanks yall!

Not pictured: Ben Brady. For some reason, the camera didn’t want him involved. Also, Mimi’s face doesn’t actually slide asymmetrically like that, I promise.

After arriving in Kanchanaburi, my life went from exciting to epileptic. In a good way, not a medical emergency way. The resort/hotel/Garden of Eden we stayed at:

The hotel was right along a river as well. From left to right: Eric, Kevin (the roommate) and Barack Obama.

The first thing we did from the hotel was, of course, ride elephants. I had quite an internal dilemma as I’m pretty sure that most tame elephants are horrifically broken before being used for such things, but someone maybe mentioned that they possibly could have been raised tame. I really just wanted an excuse, despite my objections. Note: Elephants are thick like castle walls (not an exaggeration, they felt like a wrinkled sidewalk). Going into this trip, I was pretty sure that, if it came down to it, I could take one down with just my bare hands. Now I’m pretty sure that I’d need to use kicks as well. Tough animals.


300 Spartan elephants making their last stand against the tourists.

Our elephant driver. He was really cool and sing-songy until he started beating and slashing our elephant with a mini-scythe when it, presumably, wasn’t listening to him.

Me on elephant head after fording the river.

Ben and Moses: Elephant Brothers.

The have these amusing elephant “massages” there where the elephants will pat you with their trunk and lightly step on you. It’s pretty impressive how much restraint and muscle control they show. I still went with the baby elephant…just in case…

Baby elephant looking for some lovin and food.

From elephants, we went off to ride a bamboo raft down a river. I actually didn’t take any pictures because it was wet everywhere and I was afraid I’d drop my phone. Imagine, though, a raft made from bamboo and eight foreigners sitting in twos on four benches and a Thai teenager paddling us safely down river (at least for the most part. At one point, Ke’bri managed to convince him that she was qualified to paddle. Possibly the most bone chilling 30 seconds of my life.) while wearing a belt dotted with paintings of marijuana leaves. Right?

From the raft, we went to visit the Bridge over the River Kwai. It was one of WWII’s more gristly sites. I guess there’s a movie about it that I haven’t seen.

Bridge over The River Kwai. This is about as artistic as it gets from me, folks.

The travel buddies! From right to left: Me, Maggie, and Taylor Swift.

Beautiful Buddhist temple on the other side of the bridge.

After the bridge, we went to go eat at a restaurant. It started like this:

Then turned into this:

And ended with this:

Turns out that the “restaurant” was actually a floating party fortress that got pulled by a tugboat for a several hour river cruise.

After aaaaallllll this, we went back to the hotel. Since time flows differently in Thailand, it was still only around 8:30pm when we left. We got back to the hotel, showered, and were ready for a night of karaoke by 11ish. The hotel, like every other building in Thailand, had karaoke. Their selection was primarily 80’s ballads, but we managed to find some good stuff. Me and Liz (pictured in my blog’s header) opened with Justin Bieber’s Baby (Miss you, Allie!) because Liz is an aspiring rapper and she wanted to tear up Luda’s verse (I’ll stop the story here. Liz knows how it went down and that’s enough.)

Afterwards, the hotel manager guy came up to me and asked me to DJ. There was already an employee working the karaoke station, but I guess that wasn’t enough…? Or maybe he just wanted to go to bed. I dunno. “Because, Thailand” may be the only correct answer. So I DJ’d karaoke night till around 1am, closing the night out with all us teachers doing an epic, shouted version of “My Heart Will Go On.” We were, all of us, terrible singers.

The next day, we went back to Bangkok, got our bags, and said goodbye as we all dispersed through Thailand to our respective schools. Sad times.

That’s all for now friends and fam. The next post will cover my new residence and getting acquainted with Phanomsarakham.

Talk to you soon!



What I’m reading: The Once and Future King by T.H. White

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  1. Nichole said:

    Moses! I am so inpired by you! You are truly an amazing person, keep living your life to the fullest and leave nothing but regrets behind!! Miss your smiling face, and can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

  2. Joy said:

    I have a feeling your novel progress is going to stay at 8% for awhile…

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