Like We Always Do At This Time

I couldn’t tell you why I chose that title for this post, but I like the sound of it.

Hey there Fams and Fiends. This was gonna be about my new house and town, but since I spent the last week away from it I figure I’ll cover my brief travels first.

So I went to Suphanburi to visit some orientation peeps. The way travel works out here is that Bangkok serves as a central hub that can get you to anywhere else in Thailand; however, there’s not much direct travel to and fro other places in the country. In order to get to Suphanburi (about 2 hours NNW of Bangkok), I had to travel East from Chachoengsao by van, then take another van up from Bangkok.

About the vans: They vary from awesome to really, really crowded. They can regularly fit about 15 or 16 people – which is normally enough – but the van companies don’t really do counts or booking or anything and the vans stop to pick people up/drop people off along the way like any town bus service. The plus side is that they’re air-conditioned (Thailand knows wassup when it comes to air conditioning), but the downside is that you may end up with, as I did, 22 people (with their luggage) crammed into a single van.

Anyway, Bangkok was good times. Adam (the roommate) and I went through MBK mall, which was pretty nuts. It’s seven floors of madness and escalators.

Next-level Thai Fashion Sensibility. “Jeams: Because jeans are for farang.”

After that, we had a mini orientation reunion and went out to a jazz bar called “Saxophone Pub” or something. It was a really cool place, a good mix of Thai and foreign people, and a live band playing the whole night. They had drinks of every color, too, which seems reasonable. I didn’t get any pictures of the place other than their sign for the men’s bathroom. Shout out to Grace for helping to allay my concerns at the fact that I was pointing my phone’s camera at/into the men’s bathroom.

MANtoilet: A single toilet that only Teddy Roosevelt and Bear Grylls have ever been qualified to use (Note: Being named after a bear is helpful, but neither necessary nor sufficient).

The next day, Adam went south to Petchaburi and I stuck around Bangkok for another day of adventure. We went to the Chatuchak Market, which is the largest market in Thailand and happens in Bangkok every weekend. I plan on going back there before flying home with the intention of buying EVERYTHING. So much fun stuff, guys. I probably would’ve blown all my money if Karima wasn’t there to talk some sense into me (Joy, you should thank her), so I simply walked out with a big hiking backpack (haggled off 6 dollars…yay) and a new watch that I’ve since broken and repaired twice.

The ladies looking down an endless corridor of goods.

I tried to just take a picture of the market, but the Beatles walked by and got in the way.

Not pictured: Willy Wonka

I left Bangkok the next morning for Suphanburi. The trip was pretty simple, actually, considering I couldn’t communicate with anyone. People were pretty helpful and my pantomime skills are still fresh from years of high school theater, so it worked out.

I didn’t really take many pictures in Suphanburi, but it was good to see people. They showed me to the places they eat and drink at, I got to meet Pad Thai Lady and Coffee Lady, respectively, and I walked five hundred miles with Alyssa and Taylor to get food at a place with oversized, aggressive fish looking over our shoulders as we ate. Good times with great people.

Here’s a picture of a dragon statue:

Thailand is filled with lion and dragon imagery, making me believe/hope/confident that I may fulfill some sort of prophecy they’ve had for a thousand years.

So that’s that. The next post will be about my home and town, I promise. Maybe.

Oh, also! I haven’t had much time to read or work on my novel (I have a short story I need/want to get done for grad school apps), but I’ve been listening to a lot of music, so I’ll add an “What I’m Listening To” section to my post-script.

Take care everyone!


What I’m [Slowly] Reading: The Once and Future King by T.H. White

What I’m Writing: The Trial of Mars (working title) – 12%

What I’m Listening To: Finally Famous by Big Sean

  1. Alyssa said:

    hahaha 500 miles it twas. WOOF.
    Dolphins rule

  2. Joy said:

    Blast! Instantly proved wrong. Up to 12%. Thank Karima for me!…Unless she stopped you from getting me gifts. In that case, ignore her.

  3. Nah, the book is still at 8%. I started a short story instead.

    And yes, Edred, delfins ARE evil. Alyssa is in denial.

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