First Actual Day of Teaching

So when I was in college, I avoided anything having to do with people aged teenager and below. Developmental Psych, Childhood Disorders & Disabilities, Family Therapy stuff, etc, were all classes that I ignored for one reason: Kids are dumb.

While kids are “fun” in their own way, I thought they were stupid because: 1. They are. Like, they’re pretty uneducated. 2. They have low impulse control, which is ridiculous. 3. Most of them aren’t particularly talented. For example, most kids can play basketball, but none are good enough for the NBA. Who wants to watch amateurs? 4. They don’t know why they do anything. They can be just as terrible as adults, but aren’t aware enough to blame alcohol/bad parenting/torn ACL.

Well now that I’ve finally taught kids for the last 4 days, I have revised my opinion of them (generally, at least. There are still individual children that suck.).

…they aight.

And by “aight,” I mean they’re pretty awesome and better than dogs.

But not better than CatDog

I teach 7th grade (roughly) listening/speaking English (there’s a separate reading teacher) and computers for the school’s English Program (kind of like Honors, but the qualifier is speaking better English and paying).

The computer classes are pretty solid so far. They learned Word, Excel and PowerPoint last semester, so I’m gonna try to teach them Photoshop, Flash, hacking, Sherdog and Advanced Facebook this semester.

Or there may be more I can teach them in Word…yo…

The 7th graders are the real fun. Those kids have enough energy to power Liechtenstein until 2017. All we did was play team pictionary and they were almost literally bouncing off the walls. Good times. Today, the final word to draw was Gangnam Style, which led to someone busting out their phone to put on the song and me and one of the kids doing the dance in front of the class. Ain’t no party like a Thai education system party!

Outside of school, some notable things have happened. The most joyous for me being that I’ve finished the first draft of a short story that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while and can now get to work on my novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in layman’s terms. It’s every November). An additional source of joy is that I managed to find shoes in my size! For those who weren’t aware of my woes, the average Thai man’s feet are much smaller than mine. Even giant Thai men are like ants beside me when it comes to foot size, so I was pretty hopeless when it came to buying running shoes that I need but didn’t pack. But I got shoes! They took 3 weeks and 18 employees to construct, but I can wear them and they fit!

I had to take this picture from forty feet away to get the entire shoebox on camera.

The last bit of fun stuffs is that I got to spend some time with the co-teachers and eat some crocodile meat. There’s more to that story, but meh.

Oh, and the coppers been trying to catch me ridin’ dirty:

Introducing: The Pinocchio Battlecruiser M-Series Mach IV, with rear-wheel spinning technology.

That’s all! This weekend I’m off to Koh Samet for an island adventure, so I’ll be incommunicado (that means “getting hyphy on the beach” in Spanish).

Take care!


What I’m Reading: The Once and Future King by T.H. White

What I’m Writing: Children of Mars 2nd Draft – 1%, Untitled Novel – 10%

What I’m Listening To: Vows by Kimbra


  1. Yo, Moses!!! you write real good! 😉 Maybe we can share and compare our stories teaching abroad when we go home!
    also I think you should have spelled hyphy–>HyPHI

    • Moses said:

      Haha…correction noted. Yeah, I wanna hear about your adventures when I get back! Armenia looks pretty sweet from your pictures.

  2. Allie Critchlow said:

    Miss you friend. Love reading these.

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