Ko Samet – Eating Boats Vol. 1

So I spent the weekend down in Ko Samet. To say it was incredible would be an understa- …well, actually, I guess that’d be accurate. It was incredible. Flashback time!:

Adam and I set out from Phanom Sarakham to meet up with Kelsey in Chachoengsao city. We got there later than expected, so we had to take the last bus out, which was headed to Rayong. The plan was to switch buses in Chonburi to a bus that would take us directly to Ban Phe (since Ko Samet is an island, Ban Phe is the departure point from the mainland). Ignore all the city names and just know that our plan was to switch buses at some point.

Well we reached the place to switch buses and got off the bus to take motorbikes to the next bus station. As we approached the motorbike taxis, though, they started waving us back to the buses. We pieced together that there were no more buses running (since it was so late), so we were supposed to stay on our current bus until it reached it’s destination. So we chased our bus down (it hadn’t fully left yet) and got back on.

About a football field later, our bus driver told us that we should get off the bus, that the last motorbike peeps were crazy, and that we should ask these new motorbike taxis to take us to the bus station. Well, we did because we’re silly farang.

The motorbikers took us to the next bus station and – lo’ and behold! – there were no more buses running that night. So we’re about two hours away from our booked hotel (where our friend Jenna was waiting for us), at 10pm, with no transportation available, and a platoon of rabid raccoons closing in on us.

Haha…I kid. A group of raccoons is called a nursery or gaze, not a platoon.

Do you SEE those claws??

Thankfully, the motorbike guy took pity on us (meaning, Kelsey put on the ol’ charm. Not in a dirty way, she’s just smiled big and looked helpless) and agreed to call us a taxi to give us a ride, even though we knew a taxi would be P. Diddy expensive. 30 minutes later, a grey truck shows up and a dude who is clearly not a board-certified taxi driver jumps out and offers a ride for 3500 baht ($115). We try to haggle, but when he doesn’t budge, we politely decline being kidnapped.

Instead, we go to the 7-11 across the street and manage to find a super helpful all-male couple that speaks English, call us a taxi, and gets us a price of 1500 baht ($50). Thai hospitality, nameen?

So we get to to Ban Phe (eventually. Our taxi got lost on the way and had to stop for directions), get some sleep, then take a ferry over to Ko Samet!

The day I found out that my phone camera has a panorama function was the happiest day of my life.

Our bungalow. Pretty sick abode. I was standing on the beach when I took this picture, about 30 feet from the water.

Uh, we show-stoppin
Dolla’ bill droppin
Chillin on da beach, got umbrellas like Poppins

It was all adventure from there. The first day, we ate, relaxed, ate again (while a ten year old was spinning fire like Dumbledore), chilled and drank Mai Thai buckets at a reggae bar that played exclusively Bob Marley the entire night (there was a bar with a muay thai ring, but there were no fights going on that night), then went to bed like old people.

The next morning, we got up early (we were supposed to watch the sunrise, but SOMEONE doesn’t know how to set a phone alarm. That someone being me) and went on a hike that started as a pretty cool hike through the woods…:

Not pictured: A hundred thousand angry mosquitos.

…then turned into beast status awesomeness. At some point, Kelsey spies this little side path off the main trail and wants to go down it. Jenna and I, who have almost definitely contracted malaria at this point, are hesitant. But Kelsey wins and we go. As we’re walking, the path closes in more and more, until I’m crouched to where I would have started crawling if it didn’t suddenly explode into a sick, hidden, untouched by modern man, crazy-lookin ADVENTURE CLIFF!! We emerged into a field of dense shrubbery and flowers on the backside of a rocky hill that was right along the water. We were the only people around, that I could see, and it was fantastic. We pranced up and down the hillside, hurled rocks into the ocean, did some minor rock climbing, found sick fishing poles/hunting sticks/walking staffs, chased crabs (and fell on the slippery, water covered rocks and messed up my phone like a dummy. Crabs be tricky, yo), discovered what we could only assume was the den of a feral child, did yoga and handstands at a place where falling meant certain death, etc, etc.

I was having so much fun that I only took a few, not very useful pictures. Also, I got hungry so I started eating the ships out on the water. Tastiest ships I’ve ever eaten, by far.

Kelsey was trying to take a picture of her hand and I got in the way. My fault.

Mmm….boat meat.

Homer Simpson plays a ridiculously large role in most of my decisions.

After the hike, I climbed a tree to play guitar. It was so relaxing, with the ocean waves crashing beside me, that I spent about an hour and a half up there.

The view from the tree. It’s the tree on the right side of the above picture of the bungalow.

I love that tree.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Talk to you all soon!


What I’m Reading: The Once and Future King by T.H. White

What I’m Writing: The Lincoln Lions (Novel, working title) – 16%

What I’m Listening To: channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean


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