A Little Travel Poetry

I’ve accepted that I won’t be a particularly good poet until I’m old and mustached, but I try to write one every now and then to practice wordplay and what not. I wrote this poem back in October when I went to visit Cade in Vegas and it wasn’t at all about travel, but now that I’ve left the country, I realize that it’s entirely about travel. So there (or here, rather) you have it:

All The Things You’ve Forgotten

Remind me


Of your left hemisphere brain

Its long and lovely attitude

River grooves, tributary thoughts

And the continental drift of your countenance


The way your ears flushed

And your cheeks perked up

And your upturned teeth filtered tropical

Rain from the thunderous Brazilian sky


Your eyes were a summer in Greenland

Roads from the coast

To the national interior, teeming

With lilies and hyacinth


Mozambique swept your hair

In strips of willow bark, in flashing firelight

Drum circles by the watering

Hole in step with your shadow


Electronic billboards, concerted flashbulbs

Our Korean weeknights

And your karaoke lips a warm inch

From the microphone


You are my work desk, my pain

grotto, summer CD full

Of anthems, my inside

Joke, tribe and chieftain


You are my rent-week paycheck, my go

to dance move, escape route, dead

End, terminal wellness, my holiday scarf

The only memory I need to keep


This is my pretentious face.

Till next time!


What I’m Reading: America Again: Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t by Stephen Colbert

What I’m Writing: Songs and Novel and the last few Grad stuff

What I’m Listening To: Blunderbuss by Jack White

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  1. unnamed said:

    wow! super!

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